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Gluten Free

Oma’s Arugula Salad

Oma’s Arugula Salad is a fresh salad with mixed greens, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and avocado with a delicious and flavorful anti-Inflammatory dressing. My Oma,

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Pumpkin Risotto

Pumpkin Risotto includes arborio rice, Italian sausage, sage, and pumpkin simmered with a blend of spices and then placed in a small pumpkin and baked

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Salmon Piccata

Salmon Piccata is a fresh, wild-caught salmon, lemon, white wine, garlic, and parsley make this beautiful and delicious dish. Fall is in the air and

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Vodka Sauce

Vodka sauces are fresh organic tomatoes simmered with garlic, oregano, and vodka to create this delicious sauce. Now you can have this Italian classic right

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Lamb Bolognese

Lamb Bolognese is a grass-fed ground lamb simmered in a creamy tomato sauce and then topped over al dente penne pasta. This is my favorite

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Smoked Salmon Salad

Wild-caught smoked salmon, celery, tomato, and herbs are mixed together with a creamy dressing to create a mouthwatering salad that is perfect for any time

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Creamy Italian Potatoes

Creamy Italian potatoes, individualized for every taste bud. I personally love cheesy potatoes so I had to add and assortment of different cheeses to enhance

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How To Make Turkey Burgers

The dish Organic, free range ground turkey, fresh chili and mango chutney all combined to create these delicious burgers. To complete the masterpiece I add

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