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Nikki's Purpose

Nikki’s purpose is to inspire and connect people with healthy ingredients for life, creating happiness and freedom.

Who is Nikki?

Nikki is a self-taught cook who specializes in nourishing and healing food and recipes. At the age of nine, Nikki received her first cookbook and has been cooking ever since. As the daughter of a food-loving family, cooking has always been in Nikki’s blood. Being of Italian and German heritage, her family has a passion for preparing food that nourishes both the body and soul.

During her mid-twenties, Nikki was diagnosed with Hashimotos, an auto-immune disease. As a result of this diagnosis, she learned how important it is to use food as medicine. After years of research, she has found a way to eat what she loves and still remain healthy. “It’s all about choosing the right ingredients and making healthier substitutions for the foods you love”, she says. Nikki believes that our bodies’ health is more important than anything else right now. By incorporating a healthy diet, you may be able to prevent disease in the future or reduce the symptoms of a disease already present. In Nikki’s opinion, the body is a blessing, and it should be treated with respect and care. The body you are in deserves to be fully nurtured and loved.

Nikki is married to her loving husband, Ashu where they live and enjoy their time together in the very hot city of Phoenix, AZ. They have two dogs, Davinci and Lucina, who they love dearly and consider their children. Nikki and Ashu work side-by-side at their medical clinic in Scottsdale.

Ashu is a pain and regenerative medicine doctor, helping patients with chronic pain heal and optimize their health. Nikki handles the practice’s wellness portion, teaching patients how to use food as medicine and lower inflammation. Nikki also has a background in the beauty industry and helps teach people how to optimize their skin appearance through clean products and healthy lifestyle habits. Ashu has taught Nikki a lot of what she knows about health and wellness and has been a large influence into all of of her healthy food knowledge.

What Nikki Does?​

Nikki creates anti-inflammatory meals that are healthy and full of mouth-watering flavor. She shows people how to create meals in 30 minutes or less that help to lower inflammation and help to optimize health. She offers 1:1 food coaching to help people begin the process of starting a healthy diet and lifestyle. “I am not a nutritionist so I am not in the mindset of putting you on a strict diet. It’s more about giving you the tools and the information to start living a healthier life”, she says. Using her own experience, the research she has done, and the collaboration with her husband, Nikki has all the tools to help people create the healthy lifestyle they have always dreamed of.

To find out more about 1:1 coaching, please contact Nikki at: [email protected]