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One pot Meal

Mexican Stew

Mexican Stew in chorizo sautéed with onion and garlic and then simmered with white beans, diced tomatoes and a flavorful Mexican spice blend. Served with

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Cucumber Kimchi Salad

Fresh organic cucumbers, shredded carrots, garlic, and ginger marinated in vinegar and spices to create a healthy and delicious salad. I have always loved kimchi,

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Tandoori Salmon

Tandoori Salmon is anything but boring. Originally from India, Tandoori is usually made with chicken thats been marinated in Greek yogurt mixed with a variety

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Chicken With Olives

Chicken with Olives is a beautiful blend of Mediterranean flavors. Organic chicken simmered in a white wine, saffron, crushed red pepper, and lemon sauce. Then

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Daal Recipe

Mixed lentils and kidney beans simmered with green chili, ginger and Indian spices to create a warm and comforting meal. Dal is a vegetarian stew

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Moroccan Chicken

Moroccan Chicken is a beautiful dish that consists of so many unique flavors and spices. Organic chicken thighs are simmered in a rich sauce bursting

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Mediterranean Fish

White fish that’s baked in white wine, garlic, cherry tomatoes, and basil. Mediterranean Fish is the perfect one pot meal that is quick, easy, and

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Italian Chicken Marsala

Italian Chicken Marsala is a traditional comfort dish that has been around for centuries. Dating back to the 19th century this recipe was created in

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Lamb Bourguignon

Nikki’s version of Shepherd’s Pie, Lamb Bourguignon topped with fennel and mint whipped potatoes. Tender lamb meat and vegetables simmered in dry red wine and

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